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So you’ve personalized your shopping experience, now what about your loyalty program?

Written by: Benny Yonovich CEO & Co-Founder at Arbitrip In the fast-paced and competitive world of retail, businesses are constantly searching for innovative ways to keep their customers engaged and loyal. While personalized shopping experiences have become a standard practice, many brands and loyalty programs are yet to tap into the power of personalized perks. […]

Current Hospitality Industry Challenges and Solutions

It has been a little more than two years since the corona epidemic broke into our lives, and already closures and travel restrictions seem like a distant reality. With the return to normal life there is also a significant increase in the demand for domestic and international travel, both business and leisure. While occupancy levels […]

Rising Hotel Rates & Pro Tips On How You Can Save

After a couple of challenging years in the travel industry, hotel prices worldwide have already soared beyond pre-Covid rates. This is attributed mainly to the fact that after two years of lockdowns and travel restrictions there’s a newfound lust for travel, both for leisure and business purposes, which is leading to a prompt increase in […]

The top 7 Tech conferences in the coming year

As the world is finally coming out of a long period of travel limitations and social distancing, it seems like it’s the perfect time to get back on that in-person networking & career development horse, and what better way to do so than attending some of the top conferences worldwide? For that exact purpose, we […]

New Business Travel Trends in 2022

As worldwide vaccination levels increase, and Covid restrictions are gradually being lifted, our clients return to their business travel routine with a surge of individual and group travel bookings. While booking numbers increase, and Q1 2022 figures already exceed 2019, we at Arbitrip identified a few interesting trends among our business travelers that we wanted […]