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Smart manage your travel booking with Arbitrip | ארביטריפ - ניהול חכם של הנסיעות העסקיות שלכם

Smart Discovery

Our intelligent online business hotel booking tool personalizes each search, giving you tailored room recommendations based on your travelers’ activity and travel plans.

Save on your business travel booking with Arbitrip | ארביטריפ - לחסוך בתקציב הנסיעות העסקיות שלכם

Smart Savings

Working with the leading hotel chains and distribution partners, we ensure you get the best available price at any given point!

Reports and insights for your corporate travel bookings | ארביטריפ - דשבורד לניתוח ודוחות של הנסיעות העסקיות שלכם

Smart Reports

Our simple & intuitive dashboard gives you the reports and insights you need to keep tabs on your company’s travel activity all in one place.

Make your business travelers happy.
Save on hotel stays.

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Find the best hotels using our Smart Discovery algorithm that helps you see the full picture.


See verified reviews from business travelers and compare to the industry benchmark.


Get all the information you need, anywhere you need it.


Keep tabs on your company’s travel activity using our simple and intuitive dashboard.

What our customers say about Arbitrip

Arbitrip platform is user friendly and the clear data helps us to better manage our travel activity. Plus – the service is very quick and efficient

Chen IsraelMoovit

Arbitrip are truly admirable.
We work on Arbitrip platform for over a year now, and not only the interface is user friendly and easy to use, the service is truly above and beyond.
Each and every time I needed assistance I was completely happy! Even during the weekends there’s someone to offer a quick and efficient response. True champions.

Michal SakaSpectrum Dynamics Medical

“I no longer spend hours comparing hotel rooms, Arbitrip does the hard work and automatically books a cheaper or upgraded rooms – for no extra charge! Last month we saved 26% on hotel stays alone – and that’s not even taking the manpower hours saved into account.”

Shira Amit
Shira AmitTaboola

 “Arbitrip Platform allows me to book hotels worldwide easily and with full confidence that I get the best possible deal. Since our company joined Arbitrip our hotel booking process has cut down considerably. The search process is user friendly and fast, and I have found myself using it for my personal trips as well and not only for our company’s business travel.”

Estella Frekhtman
Estella FrekhtmanUBQ Materials

“I highly recommend Arbitrip platform, especially thanks to their exceptional customer service. Their availability, responsiveness and willingness to assist makes my hotel booking experience easy and friendly!” 

Shir Weinstein
Shir WeinsteinAutotalks

“Arbitrip makes corporate travel a breeze for travel managers. I started using it several months ago and have already saved thousands of dollars. In fact, this past month we saved 24% more than we did the month before! We now spend smarter instead of wasting time and money on travel.”

Victoria Epshtein
Victoria EpshteinAppsFlyer

“Arbtrip is an amazing app for ordering hotels around the world! They guarantee a reduced price and save a LOT of time as the app compares and offers the cheapest hotel. Easy to use, friendly and saves us money and time – Arbtrip is a game changer for our company.”

Ety Gershgoren
Ety Gershgoren Bright Way Vision

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