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We help companies to book best in class business hotels at the lowest possible rates.

Smart Search

Our intelligent suite of travel tools personalizes each search, giving you tailored room recommendations based on your travelers — everywhere you go.

Smart Savings

Arbitrip saves you money.
If a room’s price drops, we automatically re-book it for you. And if a nicer room or a better hotel becomes available for the same price; we upgrade your booking — at no extra cost!

Smart Insights

Get instant access to all of your bookings with our easy-to-use dashboard. Manage reservations, generate reports, and get immediate activity insights — when you need them.

Use our super simple search and booking tools to get best-in-class accommodation at the lowest possible prices.

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Find the best business hotels using a unique algorithm that help you see the full picture.


See hotel’s score based on verified reviews from business travelers.


Get all the information you need, anywhere you need it.


Keep tabs on your company’s travel activity using our simple and intuitive dashboard.

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What our customers say

Arbitrip makes corporate travel a breeze for travel managers. I started using it several months ago and have already saved thousands of dollars. In fact, this past month we saved 24% more than we did the month before! We now spend smarter instead of wasting time and money on travel.

Victoria Epshtein
Victoria EpshteinAppsFlyer

I no longer spend hours comparing hotel rooms, Arbitrip does the hard work and automatically books a cheaper or upgraded rooms – for no extra charge! Last month we saved 26% on hotel stays alone – and that’s not even taking the manpower hours saved into account.

Shira Amit
Shira AmitTaboola