4 Ways To Keep Corporate Travel Costs Down

As a corporate travel manager, you want to book the best rooms at the best prices. But hotel listings can often be economical with the truth. Sure, a lot of them say what they have on site, but many fail to say what they don’t have, or don’t clarify what’s included. And sometimes what at first looks expensive, is actually good value.

Here are a few things to keep in mind…

1. Why pay for WiFi?

It’s all very well that the hotel you’ve booked for your colleagues’ upcoming Miami trip has an outdoor swimming pool. But the fact guests are charged $20 a day for WiFi is pretty steep. And considering you have ten people booked in for four days… well.. you do the math (!).

WiFi’s fairly fundamental. Heck — it’s a given for those who need to get work done. As a general rule, the cheaper the hotel, the more expensive/outrageous the WiFi charges; so check before booking.

2. Tip for tat

A small tip for a helpful bellhop’s one thing, but some hotels pile on surcharges  — often called ‘Resort fees’ or ‘Service charges’– for everything; from the use of a safe to the presence of a trouser press. When comparing rates, it often pays — literally — to ask for a full cost breakdown; to avoid any nasty surprises at the end of the stay.

3. Food for thought

Hotel restaurants are usually only good for one meal: breakfast! But the most important meal of the day can seem overpriced at first glance. That said, even though hotel breakfasts might not be the cheapest, they’re often good value. They’re convenient, offer lots of choice, and there’s usually a lot of it — handy for those with busy schedules who aren’t sure when they’ll get lunch. And full bellies = greater employee productivity.

4. Way to go

Unless they’re visiting an office on the outskirts of town, your colleagues aren’t going to want to stay far from the center. Out-of-town hotels may be cheaper, but they’re not always convenient. A lot of the time the premium paid for being in the city center significantly reduces the cost of taxi fares. Plus your staff will be better rested, more satisfied, and nearer the mid-town bustle.

All things considered, the cost of business travel ‘essentials’ can quickly mount up in some hotels. But by exercising a little caution, and understanding where the hidden costs lie, you can achieve hospitality nirvana — contentment, convenience, and cost savings.