How to Create a Badass Business Travel Policy

Now that the new year has begun and your holiday hangover has worn off, it’s time to refresh your corporate travel policy or to create one from scratch. There are several things to keep in mind when coming up with an effective policy that will maintain balance between company needs and employee satisfaction. Read on to find out how you can kick off the new year with a business travel policy of steel.


Before you begin writing the travel policy, make sure you set goals and negotiate deals.


Okay fine, when most people use the popular “#goals” hashtag, they probably don’t have corporate travel policies in mind. But most people aren’t you! As Travel Manager, it’s important that you set goals before writing up the policy. Meet with the relevant people in the office to discuss the business plan for 2019 so that you can create a travel policy that’s the right fit for your company this year. Goals can include anything from cutting corporate travel costs to making your employees happy so they stick around longer. Once you’ve established what your goals are, you can get to work on ensuring the travel policy matches those goals.

Hotel haggling

Now that you’re clear on your goals, you’re ready to negotiate. All employees appreciate the flexibility, so you’ll want to negotiate travel discounts with various hotels in specific cities to keep your travelers’ options open. The idea is to save your company money through great discounts while giving your employees as much of a selection as possible. Not a great negotiator? Ask your accommodation partner to help you close deals. We’re an excellent haggler.


You’ve set your goals and negotiated deals with hotels. Next, you’ll want to include the following elements in your travel policy.

Expense rules

Even the most loyal employee can exaggerate their travel expenses. By writing a crystal clear section on expenses, your employees will know what they’ll be reimbursed on, and you’ll limit the element of surprise when it comes to crazy expenses. No more “Surprise! I bought my dog a cashmere sweater with company money, because of course I had to take him with me on the business trip, and he gets cold.”. A travel management platform can greatly help you establish approved expense categories and non-refundables so your employees will know exactly what they will and won’t be reimbursed for.

Expense reporting process

You’ve listed the allowed expenses. Now you need to lay out the process for reporting expenses and getting reimbursement. This can vary from company to company, so it’s up to you to choose what works for your business. Be sure to describe what documentation you’ll require from your travelers (such as receipts), and when the deadline is for submission. Do you require pre-approval for any expenses? Mention that in the policy, as well as who should be contacted for pre-approval. The more specific you get, the less room your employees will have for asking for reimbursement on irrelevant expenses.

Employee safety

If you want your employees to be an asset to your company, you’ll probably need to keep them alive! Detail safety procedures in your travel policy so your travelers can stay protected. Explain what kind of travel insurance the company has, and who should be contacted in case of emergency. Also, a little light stalking never hurt anyone! Use an online booking tool that lets you track your travelers during their trip. That way, if anything goes wrong, you can know where they are. Not in a creepy way.


Of course, there are more details to consider when creating a business travel policy, but these points should help get you started! To best manage employee travel, try Arbitrip’s personalized travel platform.

Top 5 Business Hotels in London

Top 5 Business Hotels in London

So your employees are planning a business trip to London, baby, yeah! (Protip: never say what I just said to your employees – or anyone, for that matter – if you’re not in the mood to get an eye-roll as a response. I just couldn’t resist.) There are so many great choices of business hotels for your travelers to stay in, and we’ve narrowed them down to our top 5, just for you.

Radisson Blu Edwardian, Mercer Street

Right in the midst of famous London theaters and in the heart of Covent Garden, this Edwardian hotel is a favorite among business travelers. After a long day of meetings, your employees can throw off their suits and throw on their tuxes (do people still go to operas in tuxedos?), for a classy night at the opera, at the nearby Royal Opera House. If they’re feeling especially fancy, they can even enjoy a luxurious spa treatment right from the comfort of their hotel room (because heaven forbid they should be forced to take a taxing elevator ride down to a spa!).

Guests of the Radisson Blu are particularly pleased with the competent, friendly staff, the central location, and the boutique feel of the hotel. Although the rooms are not exceptionally lavish, they’re modern, clean and comfortable.

The Montcalm Royal London House

This one’s an excellent choice for business people who like to party. Situated in Finsbury Square and right near beautiful Finsbury Park, travelers who stick around for the weekend can dance the night away at a warehouse party. Young employees (or not-so-young employees who are young at heart) will feel at home in the area, which is full of students and drunken soccer (I mean football) fans.

The Montcalm Royal, formerly the Royal Mail headquarters, has a striking style: a combination of mid-century and contemporary design. Guests are fans of the quiet rooms, excellent beds, and pleasant showers.

H10 London Waterloo

South Bank’s H10 is optimal for first-time travelers to London. Right near Big Ben, the London Eye, and the Tate Modern, this hotel is the place to stay for those who want to fit some must-see London sights in between business meetings. Visitors can relish in the vibrant London culture, take a walk along the Thames, and admire the stunning skyline from the hotel bar.

The hotel features bright rooms and unique architecture with asymmetrical shapes and a touch of elegance. H10 guests can’t seem to get enough of the wide, delicious selection at the breakfast buffet, or the complimentary chocolates and cakes that await them in their rooms.

Dorsett City London

This chic Asian-inspired 4-star hotel is located in London’s financial district, not far from lively Shoreditch, where your employees can stroll through boutiques, art galleries, and markets during their free time. The Tower of London and Tower Bridge are right nearby as well.

Dorsett City guests can work out whenever they please at the hotel’s 24-hour gym, and pamper themselves afterward with a refreshing rain shower. Review after review mentions the excellent amenities, including shaving kits, complimentary water bottles, and toothbrushes. Guest also appreciate the closet space and marble and gold-plated bathrooms, fit for Marie Antoinette.

The Marylebone Hotel

Posh (or posh wannabe) travelers should go for the stylish Marylebone Hotel, situated in Marylebone (surprise!), one of London’s trendiest neighborhoods. They can shop till they drop (as long as they get up for work, that is) in the fashionable area, and wine and dine themselves to their hearts’ desire in first-class restaurants.

Marylebone guests love getting spoiled by the wonderful staff, especially the team who takes care of the meeting rooms. They enjoy socializing in the lobby, drinking at the refined cocktail bar, and jumping into their cozy beds after a long day.


Great! You’re all set with a selection of business travel hotels for your employees. Now it’s time to implement a business travel program to help you stay within budget. Get started with Arbitrip’s personalized travel program.