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Top 5 Business Travel Tips

5 Useful Business Travel Hacks When it comes to travel, you’re always worried you’ll forget something at home or make a mistake with your booking. At least when it comes to your hotel plans, we’ve got you covered. So when you’re planning your next on-site client meeting or annual conference, you’ll want to make sure […]

7 Reasons to Attend the 2019 PA Show in London

Seen one corporate conference, seen ‘em all, amirite? BZZZT! I’m wrong. (That was the wrong-answer buzzer sound, for those of you who aren’t into game shows.)   I personally am looking forward to the London PA Show, coming up next week on February 26th and 27th at the Olympia London convention centre. Meant for PAs, […]

Top 5 Business Hotels in London

Top 5 Business Hotels in London So your employees are planning a business trip to London, baby, yeah! (Protip: never say what I just said to your employees – or anyone, for that matter – if you’re not in the mood to get an eye-roll as a response. I just couldn’t resist.) There are so […]

Travel Management for Startups

Travel Management for Startups As a startup you’ll inevitably have numerous policies and processes to implement (yay…!) including travel management.   Admittedly, it’s not always an easy (or particularly sexy) task, but it’s important to get right. And these policies can save money in the long haul.   Need a few pointers? Here are some […]

Trends in Business Travel Management – What’s up in the UK?

  What’s the next big thing in business travel? That’s the question every travel manager should be asking. Luckily, the Business Travel Conference (TBTC) in London on September 19-20 should provide a stack of answers… but here’s a sneak peek at some of the hot topics British travel managers are tackling right now.   Post-Brexit […]

Five Reasons To Attend The Business Travel Conference 2017

The Business Travel Conference (TBTC) – happening in London between September 19 and 20 – is an unmissable opportunity for travel managers looking to make new connections and get some insider tips from those in the know. Previous delegates describe TBTC as the only conference to attend if you’re in the industry! Here are five […]

Plane Sailing

They say ‘getting there is half the fun’… Really? REALLY?? Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, let’s be honest: air travel no longer holds the exotic appeal that it once did. It really is to be endured, no matter how many bells, whistles, and in-flight entertainment packages airlines try to cram into increasingly shrinking […]

10 Things You’ll Never Hear A Travel Manager Say

…about upgrades “Sure you can stay at the Hilton! It’s a *little* out of our normal price range, but what the heck — it’s nearly Christmas after all!”   …about flights “Now, make sure you keep your seatbelt fastened at all times. Even when the stewardess says it’s ok to move around the cabin. Stay […]

The Big Apple: Squeezed

NYC. And you’ve hit the ground running. You’re there for work. But don’t worry — you can still squeeze some grade A goodness into your busy schedule: even if you’ve got back-to-back meetings, plus lunches and dinners to schmooze at! Whether it’s your first time in the Big Apple, or your fifth visit this year, […]

The Business Traveler’s Hierarchy of Needs

Cast your mind back to Psychology 101… remember something called Maslow’s hierarchy of needs? If you hang out on LinkedIn long enough you’ll probably see it crop up again in your newsfeed. It basically details, from the bottom up, exactly what human beings need to live happy, fulfilled lives. At the very bottom is shelter; […]