7 Reasons to Attend the 2019 PA Show in London

Seen one corporate conference, seen ‘em all, amirite? BZZZT! I’m wrong. (That was the wrong-answer buzzer sound, for those of you who aren’t into game shows.)


I personally am looking forward to the London PA Show, coming up next week on February 26th and 27th at the Olympia London convention centre. Meant for PAs, EAs, VAs and Office Managers, the two-day trade show is the largest of its kind in the UK.


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Keep reading to find out why you should come out from behind your office computer screen and join us at the PA Show.


  1. Become a pro



I’ll admit it, you seem to be pretty good at what you do. (I’m guessing.) But don’t you want to be even better? Don’t you want to be the best PA/EA/VA/Freakin’A the business travel industry – nay, the world – has ever seen? Well, now’s your chance. Come hear industry experts (yes, that includes me!) speak and share their insider knowledge with you. The exhibition is a great way to become more professional at what you do and advance in your career.


  1. Make your life easier


Be the first to find out about the latest innovative technologies and tools that can help you work more efficiently. Whether it be a handy business travel management platform or a user-friendly project management system, the PA Show is the place to discover useful methods to make your workdays smoother.


  1. See and be seen


The thought of networking can sometimes make the best of us want to call in sick and crawl back under our covers. But once you get out there, it can be fun. More importantly, it can be game-changing for your career. 87.6% of business is about who you know. I may have just made up that statistic, but you get the point. Meeting face to face with relevant people in your industry can get you far. Not to mention, there’s even a Networking Bar.


  1. Meet suppliers


It’s one thing to do research online to find potential vendors you can work with. But actually meeting them in person is so much more effective. You can skip all the first steps of endless research, emails, scheduled phone calls, and rescheduled phone calls. Talk to suppliers or vendors and make a deal on the spot, or at least form a personal and memorable connection and get business cards for later.


  1. Get inspired


Workin’ 9 to 5 can get you feeling like you’re stuck in a rut. Sure, you’re getting your work done, but you’re probably also getting sick of the monotony of office life. Routine can lead to less motivation, resulting in less productivity. Attending the PA Show will let you remember why you do what you do, will give your brain a kick in the behind, and will boost your creativity. Hearing from other individuals in the industry will give you new ideas and improve performance.


  1. Get a live demo


We’ll be presenting Arbitrip’s personalized business travel program on February 26th. Come visit Booth H40 and experience a live demo of our travel platform. We’d love to meet you! Email us to schedule a demo at [email protected].


  1. IT’S FREE


Need I say more?




Hope to see you there!


Where: Olympia London, Booth H40

When: February 26th-27th

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