Trends in Business Travel Management – What’s up in the UK?


What’s the next big thing in business travel? That’s the question every travel manager should be asking. Luckily, the Business Travel Conference (TBTC) in London on September 19-20 should provide a stack of answers… but here’s a sneak peek at some of the hot topics British travel managers are tackling right now.


Post-Brexit Budgets

Few travel managers disregard budget airlines these days. But the post-Brexit vote fall in the pound means even low-cost airlines are getting crushed by bumped up costs, so UK travel managers are currently keeping a very close eye on seat prices.

Moving forward into 2018 and beyond, expect to see more business conducted in the UK. Falling Sterling rates will make Britain cheaper for incoming travellers; although UK travellers heading overseas will face higher hotel costs.


Don’t Overlook Duty of Care

Duty of care will be a hot topic at this year’s TBTC. There’ll be sessions on bringing your business duty of care policy up to scratch and how to implement the policy whilst still looking after costs and other considerations. UK travel managers have noticed huge efforts from hotel chains to try and tempt travellers to book with them directly. While this may save money at face value, it causes a large area of concern in terms of security protocols being breached. Without oversight from a dedicated travel manager, the lines of communication can be blurred.


Millennials Prefer Mobile

At least a quarter of all business travel booked in the UK in 2017 has been via a mobile app. This is set to rise again next year. Given that younger groups of business travellers check their mobile on average 157 times a day, businesses that neglect to cater to this are missing a trick. Check out the sessions at TBTC that will help you understand more about using mobile apps in travel management.


‘Optional’ Extras

A survey by Fortune Magazine showed that 55% of travellers considered in-room technology and WiFi to be most important when booking business travel accommodation. As more and more premium hotels offer access to these services for free, travel managers are finding that the budget hotels that charge for these services aren’t always the most cost-effective option – when looking at the overall price of a hotel stay. There are numerous sessions at TBTC that will walk travel managers through the best hotel options for their business.

So, for UK- and overseas-based travel managers looking to keep ahead of the issues that are relevant to their business, TBTC will provide the knowledge and expertise needed, and give them valuable insight into the areas they need to keep an eye on moving into 2018.

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Photo by David Dibert on Unsplash