Save Big on Business Travel

Business travel It’s a tactical necessity.

Every year Americans take the equivalent of 459 million individual trips in the name of work, spending an average of $163 per night on hotel rooms. In fact, Americans spent $296.3 billion on business travel last year. That’s slightly less than the GDP of South Africa!

From the outside looking in, to those whose jobs are fixed in one place, the idea of business travel can sound exotic. A novelty. An opportunity to experience and explore somewhere new. And sometimes it is. Sometimes.
But there’s only so many times you can leave for London on a Thursday, hightail it back to Chicago on a Sunday, and be up in time for that important Monday morning meeting.

When you’re growing a business, you pretty much have to do all of this yourself. But as your business grows, so does your team. You get to delegate (!). Your salespeople are out there making money. And while you get that they’re not living some jetset lifestyle on the company dime, costs keep adding up.

Air fares are non-negotiable, there’s no getting around that. Well there is; but when you have no choice about when you need to be somewhere, flights cost what they cost. Hotel deals however, are a bit more malleable. Hotels have star ratings, which help benchmark costs against comfort.

But often similar looking hotels can fluctuate in price, depending on demand. It can feel like there’s little consistency in pricing. And when your staff can’t dictate when they need to be somewhere (as with airfares) they pretty much have to get what they’re given.

It’s not that you don’t want them to have a pleasant stay — happy employees are productive employees — you need to save on costs. But who has time to go trawling through hotel price comparison websites to get the best deals? It’s hardly a productive use of your team’s time, effort, and skill.

We know this all too well first-hand, which is why we figured there had to be a better way. There wasn’t. So we came up with one: Arbitrip, an online corporate travel platform that helps businesses find the best hotel stays for their budgets.

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Here’s how we operate:
1. Choose where you want to go
2. Set your budget, and
3. Select a hotel room.

Once you’ve booked, we’ll continue to monitor the price of your chosen room. If it drops, then we instantly rebook it to secure the saving. And if a nicer room or a better hotel becomes available for the same price; we upgrade you — free of charge.

Don’t be fooled though: we’re more than a booking tool. Our simple and intuitive dashboard gives you, your finance, procurement, and travel managers the reports and insight you need to keep track of activity.

Manager from different companies who started using Arbitrip in the past year shared with us, that with the help of our system, they saved about 30% in business travel costs, together with a substantial improvement in the quality of hotel rooms ordered for their employees.

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