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Business Travel: Five Predictions For 2017

Now that the world’s safely made its transition into 2017, we figured it’d be a good time to start looking ahead to what could/might/will happen in the business travel world over the next 12 months. (Got any other predictions? Let us know!)   Mixing business and pleasure We’ve covered this before on our blog. Millennials […]

Save Big on Business Travel

Business travel It’s a tactical necessity. Every year Americans take the equivalent of 459 million individual trips in the name of work, spending an average of $163 per night on hotel rooms. In fact, Americans spent $296.3 billion on business travel last year. That’s slightly less than the GDP of South Africa! From the outside […]

Finding the balance between savings and satisfaction

Where business trips are concerned, can there really be a secret to unlocking greater value? Surely saving a few dollars by cutting back on the non-essentials is the only way to create value? Not necessarily. Recent ACTE (Association of Corporate Travel Executives) research shows that 75% of travel managers believe that service improvements can lead […]

4 Ways To Keep Corporate Travel Costs Down

As a corporate travel manager, you want to book the best rooms at the best prices. But hotel listings can often be economical with the truth. Sure, a lot of them say what they have on site, but many fail to say what they don’t have, or don’t clarify what’s included. And sometimes what at […]